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What is Laser Hair Reduction?

In laser hair reduction, energy from laser beams is used to destroy the hair follicles. These laser beams focus on each follicle which is in the active state and destroys it. The laser light is of the wave length that targets melanin (pigment which gives hair its colour).
Once targetted it stops the blood supply to that follicle by coagulation of blood. Due to unavailable blood and nutrients, the hair follicle dies thereby no growth of hair.

When will Laser work?

Laser works only when the follicles are growing actively. If the hair is weak or is no longer attached to the follicle (shedding process) then the laser cannot damage the follicle.

Also, hair in any area does not grow all at the same time. Some fast, some slow and some are very dormant which later will eventually enter in growth phase. Thus only one sitting of laser will not be enough. You need multiple treatments spaced out over a period of time for excellent results. Less treatments done at irregular intervals or when full growth is not achieved is not of complete use.

Lasers are of different types but only the ones that penetrate the skin to the hair follicle will be effective is hair reduction. Our laser machine offers different wavelengths of laser lights that is suitable for different skin types as one wavelength doesn’t serve all.

Also, different wavelengths can be set which vary the depth of penetration within the skin therby improving results and targeting maximum follicles.

How many treatments do I require?

Clients generally require 4-6 treatments to see close to 90-95% results. Further maintanence sessions can be done if requires.

However, the above will change with age, skin type, hair color, hormonal imbalances, etc.

An important thing to keep in mind is the time gap between 2 treatments. Always take the next laser in your active growth phase of hair to see optimum results.An unusual time lapse between treatments will affect results.

Post treatment if you feel sensitive on the area, some ice pack or coolents like aloevera gel can be applied. Avoid using harsh scrubs in the laser area for a few days.

How Long will the result last?

Once the hair follicle has died, it will never return. However, there may be dormant follicles in the treated areas. These may begin to grow in the future. It is very common that this occurs during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Certain diseases, as well as some medications, can also cause dormant follicles to begin to grow. Most people will need some "touch up" treatments over time, especially if it is a large area like the legs or back.

What area can be covered?

The only area that you must avoid with the laser is the area close to the eyes. Any other area with unwanted hair is an option for treatment. We are often asked to treat eyebrows. While we are able to treat the area between the brows and over the top of the brows, we will not treat the area under the brow.

howit do it?

People of all skin colors are candidates for laser hair removal if treated with the proper lasers. Certain hair colors, however, are not good candidates. Gray, blonde hair cannot be treated with current laser technology. If the hair is light, it will not absorb the energy in the bulb of the hair shaft and the follicle’s blood supply will not be heated enough to coagulate. Therefore, the hair follicle will not die and the hair will regrow.

Certain medical conditions and medications may exclude you from being able to receive laser hair removal. That is why a full medical history is taken prior to beginning a treatment series. This is essential in determining if laser hair removal is a safe option for you. You cannot start a laser hair removal series if you are pregnant, nursing or are unable to limit excessive sun exposure. Our top priority is always to provide a treatment that is both effective and safe.

Post Care

The most important thing you can do is protect the area from sun exposure. Sunscreen must be used daily or you will increase your risk of sunburn in the treated area. If the area is red you may find it is temperature sensitive. It is best to avoid strenuous exercise, hot baths and hot tubs until the redness resolves. You should avoid the use of deodorant for 24 hours after an underarm treatment. You should also avoid shaving or waxing the area that has

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