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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Hair

Platelet rich plasma therapy commonly known as (PRP) is a non surgical treatment for hair loss. It helps you to restore your natural hair by increasing the growth factor into your hair follicles. It is generally a simple procedure in which blood from the patient itself is extracted and centrifuged in a machine which separates the blood components i.e the cells from the platelet rich plasma. This plasma liquid is again injected into the affected scalp area that enhance the growth factor and you get a natural hair growth

What are the advantages of PRP therapy in Hair Loss condition by dr jyoti dermatologist:

  • Minimal invasive but no surgery
  • Short process, treatment requires 1hr to 1½ hrs, hence saves time.
  • Safe and promising results
  • Immediate recovery without any major risk.
  • Thicker and healthier looking natural hair growth.

PROCEDURE- How jyotirmay bharti clinic in patna is done?

In this process our doctor dr jyoti dermatologist extracts very a little blood from your body which is further treated in a machine to centrifuge the blood so that only the enriched cells or platelets (PRP) remain. Once separated the rich plasma from the cells it is immediately injected into the patients scalp. The Plasma contains enriched proteins and nutrients that enhance the weak hair follicles and support the growth factor. PRP therapy in hair is used to restore one’s natural hair.

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